Enjoy Marche

As we come from Marche, we know how important is to eat high-quality and genuine food. Our families taught us to use a great variety of local healthy food since childhood.

The Vision of Enjoy Marche is to make people discover the Marche region through its most typical products, both to first-time visitors and locals not aware of all its beauties.

"Our focus is helping people discovering unique flavours, supporting who promotes his territory with hard work and realizes high-quality products respecting the environment."

The two types of gift packages, MINI BOX tasting and BAG gourmet, have been designed by Enjoy Marche to surprise with authentic food experience.

Each mini box has some small products, perfect to have a taste of some typical flavours from our region. The bag is available in many sizes and filled with delicious food pairings; it's perfect for real foodies.

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Our story

Our story starts from an idea of two young women from the Marche, who shared the same passion for travels and food.

After a training period at the Business Adriatic Start-up School Ecapital Culture, promoted by Fondazione Marche and Istao, the dream became true in March 2018.

Today the company is led by Alice Pizzichini, young architect in love with the Marche, and is involved in the international program for young entrepreneurs Edea, being part of Warehouse Coworking Factory professional network.

Ethical Code

Enjoy Marche is strongly committed to ethical end sustainable business practices, continually striving to raise high social responsibility standards: promotes local producers and associations oriented to ehnance Marche region; respects the environment using ecological packaging; supports small companies hit by the earthquake; collaborates with social agricultural cooperatives that foster the employment of disabled and disadvantaged people.

"Enjoy Marche is dedicated to all the people who love Marche and do their best to hand down the beauties of this amazing region to those still haven't known them."