Bag Enjoy Marche-Souvenir enogastronomico delle Marche

Food bag

Are you on holiday in the Marche and want you to buy a FOOD SOUVENIR?

The Enjoy Marche FOOD BAG is a perfect gourmet gift for a special person or for you to pamper yourself when the holiday finishes. Tasting at home the best flavours discovered during your trip, helps you to feel still on vacation and makes the end end of the holiday nicer.


Our idea

"Have you ever feel in love with the local food during a trip and wanted to bring it at home?"

Sometimes it's hard to carry a food souvenir because or you don't have enough time or you travel by plane and it's forbidden to put food inside your hand luggage.

That's where our visionary idea came from:

to let you buy a selection of local high-quality products, put inside a jute bag, directly from your accommodation.


How it works

Each bag is assembled with great care by a member of our team.

*It's filled with the most representative typical products of our region, to let you taste an aperitivo, a main course or a sweet;

*It's ecological, resistant and reusable;

*You can buy it at your accommodation during your stay in the Marche and comfortably receive it at home after the holiday.

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Bag gourmet Enjoy Marche

"With Enjoy Marche FOOD BAG you can bring home the flavours of your holiday."