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As we promised we're going to talk about late events and future ones about Enjoy company. I's been a hard and complex year for as, as for all the other young Italian entrepreneurs. Late months have been really challenging, full of partnerships and of satisfaction.

Our idea born inside the Business Adriatic Start-up School Ecapital Culture, has become a real company. We won a special prize at the Creative Business Cup Italia and we participate in the International Programme Edea for young entrepreneurs, thanks to our presence inside the Warehouse Coworking Factory in Marotta.

All these facts made us grow both as a company and human beings. Today, almost a year after the official opening of our small company, we know better what we are and where we want to go.

Our Vision is to tell about Marche making you discover it through its most representative typical products, both if you are visiting the region for the first time and you are living here unconscious about all the hidden treasures. For this reason and to satisfy many requests from our amazing clients, we decided to create a new brand, to include different product categories and give more importance to customization.


“Life asks us continuous changes and we have to be ready to change to evolve.”



"masculine noun; to become different, transform"


That's how our 2019 started.

What will change in Enjoy company

The main change is about the name. Enjoy the goodbye will be still important in our activity, because of its innovative approach to hospitality sector; it will be part anyway of a new bigger brand, ENJOY MARCHE.

“If we want everything to remain the same, everything has to change.”

Enjoy Marche will have three different products categories in order to satisfy all clients needs.


The first type of products is dedicated to hotels, b&b and incoming travel agencies, to whom we give the chance to enhance their touristic offer through a unique gift, that expresses all the hospitality from the Marche. Our gourmet souvenirs can be both a welcome gift and a goodbye gift for special guests. It's true that a positive memory of the trip creates a better travel experience and a connection to the territory.






The second category is for companies and freelancers, to whom we give the possibility to surprise clients, employees and collaborators with a precious gift, giving a big range of proposals and pairings, thought to satisfy different tastes and needs.




The third section is dedicated to all the people looking for an original cadeau to make their event unforgettable. Gifting the guests with a gourmet present will make the meeting or ceremony unique.



Customization and sustainability

Our gift packages are unique both for the selection of made in Marche typical products, and for the customization with campany logo and ecological. The tasting MINI BOXES are made with cardboard and completely recyclable; they are customizable with a paper tag and a lineyard. The gourmet BAGS are made with jute, ecological material, resistant and reusable; they are customizable with a paper tag, a ribbon and a serigraphy printing.


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